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Lobotus Technology designs and builds applications that are specially tailored to meet your business requirements and assist you in addressing the evolving technology challenges. Our applications are highly flexible , which means easy to maintain, modular to facilitate, secure and easy to deploy.


Lobotus Technology is a Web Application Development Company that offers Web Application development services to companies globally. We offer integrated business web application development, design, testing and support services to our clients.

Lobotus Technology specializes in Custom Web Application Development for IT Infrastructure , and Facilities Management, E-commerce Portals, ERP Solutions, CRM Systems, Education Systems and Data Management, using various information technology platforms.


In pursuit of becoming the best Web Application Development Company, we offer the following custom web application development platforms for our clients:

  • Our Custom Web Application Development focuses on delivering smart business applications that are designed to meet our client’s specific business objectives and assure increased productivity.
  • Our flexible E-commerce website development services include E-commerce Website Design, Dynamic Products Catalogue, Shopping Cart, Shipping Module, Inventory Management and Order Management which constitutes an ERP in itself which can be operated effortlessly with admin console.
  • Lobotus offers a spectrum of cost effective Data Processing solutions like Data analytics, Data purging, Database services , etc. with high levels of accuracy and reliability. Our excellence in developing ERP systems to support multiple functions has eliminated redundancy in processes and resulted in reduced costs.
  • We also develop ERP systems with application development services like SAAS(Software as a Service) that support multiple functionalities and also our custom web application development for CRM systems empower clients to provide better services to their prospects.
  • Optimize all of your enterprise’s IT functions with Lobotus System Integration Services and enhance productivity by streamlining the processes of all departments of the organization into a single entity.


Modern Web

With the upsurge in the usage of multiple devices like Mobiles, Tablets, Smartphone, people across the world entail for multiple device compatible websites so as to get the best user experiences. Recent trends distinctly authenticate the fact that people search more on mobile devices rather than on the desktop. Instead of having different websites for Desktops and Mobiles, what Google appreciates is having the same website for all the devices. For the same purpose people started preferring Responsive Websites.


What are Responsive Websites?

Seeing the prevalence of mobile devices, Google has lately changed the search engine algorithms, according to which sites that are mobile friendly will rank higher on the Google search engine. Thus, for making any website more accessible and user friendly, the design layout needs to be changed to Responsive Design.

Responsive Design allows the web pages to be optimized for different devices for maintaining the same appearance and functionalities as on the desktop. Responsive Website Design defines the Flexibility, because they can fit to any screen size without resizing fonts or images.

Advantages of having a Responsive Website Design:

Having a Responsive Design can escalate the efficacy of the website and make your business climb in less time period.

  • Ease the maintenance of the website, because of having the same features and same URL for all kinds of devices.
  • Improve the SEO of website by facilitating us to use the same strategies for desktop as well as other mobile devices.
  • Boost the business by reaching the wide mobile audience and making it user-friendly.
  • Rank higher in Google with the decreased penalties for duplicate content.
  • Save Time and Money because of the less maintenance.


Lobotus offers the best CMS Development Services to the companies globally. Our Content Management System employs dynamic strategies, tools and methods to create, edit, publish and review the content that includes text, images, multimedia, audio and video. The CMS services at Lobotus Technology help organizations to build a solid web strategy by delivering scalable results for more productive collaboration and better customer service that can be employed in different types of business such as Social Media Networking, E-commerce portals, Personalized websites, Multimedia portals, Blog forums, News portals etc.,


Benefits of CMS

  • Allows the easiest way of managing content without the requirement of technical skills on the part of users.
  • Helps maintain the security of the content by assigning the privileges only to the authorized person to manage the content.
  • Made of the open source tools with features to create, modify, edit and publish content.
  • Provides effective and advanced features with diverse options.
  • The platform is SEO friendly where optimization is made easy and effective.
  • Well managed content helps stimulate the intended customers, and this helps you in growing your business by leaps and bounds.

CMS Services at Lobotus Technology:

  • We build easy to use content management applications that allow the end users to write, update and modify the content without requiring technical skills.
  • We build the applications that are designed to reduce maintenance costs and possess user friendly interface.
  • Our services will give your website easy navigation, accessibility and visual appeal with search engine friendly features.
  • We take utmost care in designing and developing CMS thus offering flexible, cost effective and efficient solutions.

Major CMS platforms:

Our CMS services at Lobotus Technology has a slew of dynamic and experienced professionals who are specialized in creating customer friendly Content Management System using platforms such as PHP, Drupal, HTML, Wordpress, Java , etc. Being well versed in coding languages and advanced technologies, we work on building robust CMS websites that suit your business needs. Lobotus CMS services to companies across the globe are custom made with eye catching user friendly interfaces and all necessary plug-ins, , thus helping our clients grow their businesses.


The internet is heading towards becoming the central hub of business activity. Developing your E-commerce strategy early will give you an edge over your competitors.

E-commerce solutions enable distribution, buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products or services over the Internet. It helps reduce costs while reaching a wider market. Lobotus provides meticulously made E-commerce solutions that suit your business needs. With a user-friendly administrative console, our clients can manage their business with ease.


Many companies offer off-the-shelf E-commerce solutions , but these soon become ineffective due to lack of flexibility and proper integration with your business. For a successful E-commerce website development, your core business processes must be fully incorporated in its design.

We create E-commerce sites with advanced functionalities that are powered by robust customization options. If required, we can integrate open source products with our solution. Lobotus offers:

  • E-commerce Portal Design
  • Dynamic Product Catalogue
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Shopping cart
  • Shipping Module
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • AJAX powered interactivity

Ecommerce Banner

Our expertise in developing ERP systems to support multiple business functions has eliminated redundancy in processes and resulted in reduced costs. Lobotus E-commerce platform offers the provision to add more modules to your business whenever required, mainly:

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Reporting

The Lobotus Order Fulfillment solution enables you to view or place orders, search and modify orders, check inventory, plan inventory, view invoices, manage shopping cart and get detailed reports.

Our team uses the latest technologies to design strategic E-commerce solutions which will improve your sales, increase customer satisfaction and make marketing initiatives more efficient.


Lobotus Technology is one of the best mobile application development companies, that has a proficient team of insightful designers, developers and analysers so as to provide clients with the optimal mobile applications that are suitable for all the platforms.

In this age of mobile communications, smart phones have become an integral part of our life. Enterprises are quick to see the business opportunities in this sector and convert it to their advantage. Our Mobile Application Development gives enterprises the widest device and operating system compatibility. Lobotus leverages the latest technologies to create novel smart phone and tablet applications to take your business to the next level.


Benefits of getting Mobile Application Development Services from Us:

  • Lobotus aims to provide its customers with the aesthetically designed and user friendly mobile applications
  • We are not confined to one platform; rather we develop applications that are suitable for multiple operating systems
  • We bring in high efficiency and generate the brand awareness by developing customized mobile applications with user friendly interfaces at affordable prices.
  • Backed with a team of experienced developers, we help you realize the business outcomes with a holistic approach.

Judging by the pace at which mobile application development is emerging globally, we understand that keeping up with the latest trends is not easy. Our Mobile Application Development can help you foresee the market expectations and enable your business to thrive through our applications. We offer assistance and a transparent approach to the mobile application development and provide the value added services to our clients.


In this competitive world of web business, effective planning for online marketing is imperative. Our SEO services are a sure shot way for you to get your prospect’s attention on the web. Lobotus comprises of astute and coherent squad of professionals who work on a wide array of SEO tools and get you among the top rankings as a result of key word searches by prospects.

Our SEO team delivers on its promise and ethically employ a variety of SEO tools and techniques to fetch the desired results. We believe in devising strategic online marketing plan to attract significant traffic to website and as a result website can become more prominent and give higher conversion to business. Our objective is to get you among the top rankings in searches on all major search engines such as Google, BING, Yahoo, AOL , etc.


Lobotus specializes in organic search engine optimization. We provide complete internet marketing services for your firm, starting from website design to SEO and move on to Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We have unique marketing plans for each client to provide an affordable internet marketing strategy.

Our SEO Services consist of:

  • Keyword Analysis
    We do an extensive research on the words that are used by web users to get the information they want. Keywords are one of the best ways to get noticed by genuine prospects for your offerings.
  • Content Marketing
    Uploading articles and blogs to other websites and forums and redirecting the viewers to your sites. This is vital to get genuine visitors to the site and enhance visibility of the offerings.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Sharing information, pictures, blogs, articles and event details on social networking sites constitute social media marketing and this is an effective way to make the site more popular with social media users on a regular basis.
  • Book Marking
    This methodology involves sharing links to other websites, forums and blogs. Doing this also encourages website traffic and boosts the number of visits.
  • Directory Listings
    This technique is used to list the website on main online directories to get better SEO Scores and hence better rankings and chance for higher conversion ratio.
  • Newsletter Marketing
    Newsletter is one of the best ways to stay connected to customers as it is a regular process and generally used to inform customers about any new offers and introductions or additions to the product range to direct customers to the site and augment business reach.

Judging by the pace at which mobile application development is emerging globally, we understand that keeping up with the latest trends is not easy. Our Mobile Application Development can help you foresee the market expectations and enable your business to thrive through our applications. We offer assistance and a transparent approach to the mobile application development and provide the value added services to our clients.


In today's parallel, dynamic and ever-changing technology landscape, the demand for Quality Assurance has grown significantly for the enterprises. Emergence of disruptive technologies has made a profound impact on the approach and methodology of delivering the Testing services. Lobotus boasts of a strong framework of software testing services such as Functional Testing, User Experience Testing and Performance Testing , which is a result of the experience and expertise.


Lobotus, a core Software Testing Service Provider aims to

  • Build a robust testing strategy to prioritize quality, performance and cost.
  • Combine business domain expertise and platforms to reduce the defects that impact the business.
  • Help achieve strategic objectives with consistent processes, re-usable framework for both commercial and open source tools.
  • Produce measurable test result reports and monitor your systems to easily identify and correct the bottlenecks using automated testing tools.

Our Offerings

  • Our Functional Testing services ensure that every aspect of your application be it web or mobile, works to perfection.
  • Lobotus Performance Testing services help monitor and fine tune your product performance. Our services can help you at any stage to build on a measurable process in a performance testing cycle.
  • We also offer comprehensive Usability services that aim at creating a positive effect on your business by enhancing Brand image and credibility, reducing operational and support costs, attracting new users and retaining old customers.
  • Automation allows you to increase the value offered by your application to your users. We identify the need for automation, evaluate the tools by combining our knowledge and skills in automated testing to ensure continuous system stability and functionality.

With the best Software Testing Service provider like Lobotus, our clients can achieve predictable software gains and deliver higher quality results by reducing the cost and time associated with the testing services. As a top Software Testing Company, we are committed to provide the best of breed testing solutions.


We at Lobotus Technology provide you the best business solutions to manage your data. With the advent of new technologies, new applications, new devices, etc. the amount of data is also increasing at a gallop. The Enormous amount of data is sparked off every single day round the clock. So the basic call for developers and data analytics at present is to formulate strategies and off-center techniques to manage the gigantic amount of data.

Hadoop is the root technology behind the Big Data Solutions. It is a framework which provides an environment to manage the big data. This big data cannot be processed using the customary approach of computing. Thus, using Hadoop can solve this muddle of handling big data. Using this framework has overcome lots of problems related to analyzing and processing the big data.


This follows the approach of distributing the data and then computing it in different environments. Fundamentally, it is a Java framework that is apt enough to develop applications that can carve up the data into clusters of computers using the technique called map reduction, and then process this big database in separate computing domains.

What we offer:

We at Lobotus are favorably inclined in the direction to manage the tasks related to big data solutions.

  • We understand that with the growth in the data relentlessly, it is becoming complex to manage the big data.
  • Understanding different challenges of the market, and the business solutions that can be incorporated using the big data technologies we provide the factual benefits to the customers.
  • We have a team of staunch experts who exceed in providing the big data application services in order to manage information storage, analysis and processing of the big data.

We are currently providing our adept data management solutions to various clients.