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The retail industry is growing at a dramatic pace ,and so are the expectations of the customers. Through value driven strategies and cutting edge technologies, Lobotus Technology leverages its expertise, innovative approach in helping retailers operate seamlessly across various channels and provide a more personalized shopping experience to the customers. Our deep understanding of the retail and distribution market enables us to offer more powerful and scalable solutions using an approach that is specially designed to understand, identify, attract profitable customer segments and create the right combination of services to increase customer satisfaction.


Lobotus Techology delivers the following Services for the Retail Sector

Point Of Sale Solutions(POS): Point of Sale software systems are deployed by many retailers today which is very crucial for enhancing the customers’ shopping experience and driving sales. Our high-powered POS solutions are cashier friendly interfaces that helps in Faster Billing ,Cash Handling, Stock Maintenance, Inventory Management, Purchase Management , etc. Modern day retailers can now service customers anywhere on the shop floor and provide personalized attention by using our mobile POS systems. These robust systems provide the retailers the power and flexibility to create unique workflows, outserve the competition and reach business goals.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions for Retail:  We offer industry specific CRM solutions that allow retailers to understand their customers better and successfully manage their customer relationships from loyalty programs to managing campaigns and promotions. The Lobotus retail CRM software provides the technology and functionalities needed for effective retail marketing with solutions designed to provide a world class customer experience.

E-Business Solutions for Retail: Lobotus empowers retailers with the best E-commerce software solutions that enable them to sell more products online, streamline operations, reduce costs and drive customer satisfaction across multiple channels.

Data Warehousing Solutions: Lobotus takes a holistic approach in retail data warehousing by bringing together all relevant data from the external and internal sources into a database structure. All data is in one place, normalized, linked and accessible on demand.

Supply Chain Management Solutions: Our supply chain planning solutions help you to dynamically optimize production, source materials and reduce distribution costs. Our multi-sourcing capabilities and manufacturing planning helps you to evaluate easily the barriers to produce, transport and store.

The advancement in technology has therefore enabled the retail companies to automate effectively their business processes , thus enabling them to improve their services and their customer base.


World travel and tourism continue to expand at an accelerated pace and so is the use of innovative technology to make travelling hassle-free and enjoyable for customers. Lobotus endeavors to help travel companies achieve high performance by delivering end to end travel management solutions from planning to reporting. Our customizable data management solutions holistically embrace advanced analytic tools to the overall performance of your business.


The Key Benefits of Lobotus Travel Software Solutions include

  • Customers can directly connect to the travel companies/ agencies.
  • Helps simplify your travel booking process.
  • Easy to use interface for faster reservations.
  • Helps to easily manage and save time on the prices and availability of flights, hotels, cars and other products on a single screen.
  • Our software solutions will not only provide insights about the journey and accommodation but also provide alternatives to ensure you find the right choice that fits your objective.
  • We offer real time reporting systems that contain end to end data from the customers lists, accommodation details, transportation details to all the information required by the travel companies.
  • Corporates availing your services can easily manage the employee travel expenses, store the data and generate reports.

Lobotus ERP for Travel

Lobotus ERP for travel provides end to end services that help realize significant business value for the travel industry. Lobotus ERP solution for travel companies helps our clients achieve faster and sustainable transformation. The solution empowers users to make their own choices and allows the flexibility that fits the agenda. Backed with a team of experienced consultants, we understand what your travel business demands and precisely make the solutions as per your requirement.

How can Lobotus TMS add Value to your Business:

  • Our software systems help increase revenue.
  • Helps reduce travel management company costs.
  • Reduces staffing and overhead costs.
  • Helps reduce reporting time through the process of automation.
  • Helps improve the customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Improved financial control.
  • Helps companies adapt to changing business demands rapidly.


Technology is making inroads into every industry and healthcare is no exception to the trend, given the need to combat the growing competition. By partnering with Lobotus Technology, you can leverage our deep understanding of Healthcare Industry which may contribute to your reduced costs, better regulatory compliance, improved customer engagements, flexibility to adapt to changes and hence enhanced core competencies with greater ROI.


Lobotus Technology, with its expertise in Healthcare Industry can help its clients excel in providing overall patient experience with reduced cost and errors, provide timely care, better customer responsiveness and increased return on investment.

Lobotus Technology has rich experience in catering to a wide array of participants from Healthcare Industry such as healthcare service providers like hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, manufacturers of healthcare products, Medical Billing Companies and patients. Our dedicated approach to address the unique needs of clients from healthcare industries promises to offer cutting edge technology solutions to,

  • Centralize and automate the business processes within healthcare organizations.
  • Eliminate the need for isolated system and develop fully integrated suite which can be accessed by different users from different functions across the organizations.
  • Improve the overall patient experience and meet service level agreements.
  • Reduce operational cost, drive revenue generations and take proactive business decisions based on the intelligent data made available through health intelligence and analytics.
  • Health claims processing applications and billing software constitute healthcare software packages which can contribute to setting up an efficient management.
  • Health claim payment software can be used to record complete profile and history of the patients. It is easier to store and access patient data if all records are stored in healthcare software.
  • Efficient Electronic Management Record implementation can help with reduction of medical errors. EMR can be used to track the data over a period, identifying patients who are due for visits, it can contribute to improving overall quality of healthcare as it contains complete medical history which is used by practitioners for diagnosis and treatment.


Lobotus endeavors to offer robust technology solutions to all its clients. We have a rich base of clientele from Insurance Industry who testify our commitment to create and develop innovative and customized IT solutions to help them enhance their business value. We, at Lobotus make sure that all our clients get intelligent, cost effective and timely solutions and support from us.


We are equipped with efficient resources to design best-in-class insurance software while managing risk and meeting regulatory compliance requirements for our client companies. Lobotus offers a range of software with multi-functionality applications to enhance customer experience, manage core insurance operations and ensure regulatory compliance .

How Lobotus adds Value to your Business:

  • Our Insurance Management Solutions offer you a 360 degree view of the customer , thus empowering your customer service representatives to achieve higher customer satisfaction by delivering good service and helps agents target the right customers for their upselling and cross selling efforts.
  • Boosts organization's sales ratio by enhancing customer stickiness and customer loyalty with increased customer retention by means of timely service with the help of customer management solutions by taking timely business decisions while responding to predicted customer behaviour.
  • Streamline all business processes across departments to make business flow more smoothly at every step , at a lower cost and result in flawless service delivery.
  • Fully compliant and intelligent claims management systems which are driven by some regulatory guidelines can help you in optimizing all organizational resources as time and money by doing equitable, timely and accurate claim settlements and hence offering utmost satisfaction to customers.
  • Our end to end integrated Insurance Management Solutions offer seamless flow of business activity from the start of business relation to claim settlement with integrated report management system to help organizations enhance customer relationship value.
  • Our Insurance Management Solutions ensure conformity to regulatory requirements as demanded by industry , hence resulting in prudent decisioning.